The WinTRF Time & Material Billing System is a very versatile Billing system allowing the end user to configure many of the features at will. It can be supplied with a Plumbing database. The database can be easily modified to contain components for any trade. It is a multi-platform program capable of operating any Windows environment. The Program may be installed to operate as a single workstation or it may be installed on a Network supporting multiple workstations. Some of the key features are outlined below:

  • User Definable Work Order Forms
  • User Definable Invoice Forms
  • Many standard forms are provided
  • User Definable Menus
  • Easy Customer Look up
  • Import customer database from most Accounting Systems
  • User Definable export format for import to Accounting Systems
  • Selective Invoice Printing and Deleting
  • Supports multiple Taxing Districts
  • Supports Batch reprinting of Invoices
  • Tracks Cost not to exceed values
  • Separate Overhead, Markup & Tax for Labor, Material & Other items
  • Supports an unlimited number of jobs per customer
  • Supports the consolidation of multiple invoices into one, in order to print a statement
  • Links with all Pricing Services
  • Automatic Posting of Invoice Totals
  • Print Work Orders From Invoice Creation Screen.
  • Export Invoice detail to a spreadsheet.
  • Export invoice detail to accounting programs.

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