• Increased Productivity We have customers that are achieving 15 times more takeoffs than paper in the same amount of time. You can switch between drawings instantaneously, while quickly measuring counts, lengths and quantities. These measurements can be displayed in an infinite variety of colors and patterns to identify the type of construction or the materials used. The quantities can be quickly transferred to spreadsheets or other estimating applications making your work efficient and accurate. Measurements from multiple plan sheets can be easily totaled or combined in calculations. DST allows you to view the plans with powerful zooming and scrolling capabilities.

  • Increased Accuracy With the ability to measure to thousandths of an inch, you can be sure your takeoff is perfect.

  • Share and Review Takeoff Details  Your completed takeoff can be shared electronically throughout your organization and/or printed for field use. DST extends the advantages of electronic plans across the entire pre-bid process and even into construction. Takeoff details can be made available throughout your organizations instead of being limited to marks on one set of paper plans. Now you can distribute project data to the field for free without spending time and money to print paper drawings.

  • Handle Drawing Revisions Quickly and Accurately Electronically overlay two drawings. The deletions are shown in red and the additions are shown in blue while the unchanged lines are shown in black.

  • Reduced Turn Around Turn out bids in less time allowing you to do those last minute bids and changes.

  • Reduced Printing Cost No need to make plan copies during the bid phase.

  • Reduced Storage Costs You can store plans for thousands of projects on a typical computer disk and retrieve them in seconds from any computer in your company.
  • Multi Search (optional) Multi Search can be used to find multiple occurrences of symbols representing components that need to be quantified. These components can represent material in any trade including door & wall types, fixtures & receptacles, signs, fire alarms, piers, and even landscape material like trees & shrubs. A sample pattern is selected in the drawing. Then DTS searches the entire drawing for other occurrences of the symbol. The results are sorted by how well they match the original pattern and displayed in a window for review. You can easily select and deselect matches.  The selected matches are then converted into a count measurement.
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Many contractors are discovering the advantages of working with electronic plans. Electronic plan distribution eliminates the cost and time of traveling to a paper planroom. By using Digital Screen Takeoff, your entire estimating and pre-bid processes can be completed without paper plans.
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