The WinTRF SD Plumbing Estimating Software has been recognized as one of the easiest to use and implement by Plumbing Contractors from all 50 states and many locations overseas. They are multi-platform products that operate in any Windows environment available. They are distributed complete and capabable of operating on a single workstation or a network supporting multiple workstations. The Plumbing Estimating Software when properly configured will support multiple plumbing estimators working in the same project at the same time. 

  • Plain English Look up
  • Stand alone Bid Summary with Optional Graphical Bid Analysis.
  • "Sticky Notes" - Able to be applied to individual Parts, Assemblies, or Bid Takeoff Items.
  • Database contains 1000's of Materials & Pre-Built Assemblies
  • Mouse scaling, counting support is included
  • Line Item Multiplier.
  • Special Item Material and Labor.
  • Bid Import / Export / Merge 6 Column Breakout chart.
  • Each column can contain 65000 Rows.
  • Each breakout can contain multipliers, divisors and Labor and / or Material adjustments.
  • User Definable Template Takeoff System
  • User Definable Menu Takeoff System
  • Fractional Quantities permitted in takeoff quantities.
  • Volume Calculator
  • Export to Accounting Systems.
  • Export to Spreadsheets.
  • Export to Word Processing Systems.
  • Supply house Price Updating included.
  • Support fee includes unlimited phone support and Products enhancements via internet and update distributions.
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